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Lake District
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Proposed North and South Twin Protection and Rehabilitation Lake District

Proposed Lake District Overview

Proposed Lake District Boundary Map

Proposed Lake District Legal Description

What is a Lake District?

A specialized unit of government designed to manage a lake. It may only be formed on lakes that are publically accessible. Since 1974, when Wisconsin passed legislation allowing the formation of lake districts, over 200 lake communities have formed lake districts, including Pine Lake, Kentuck Lake, Post Lake, Long Lake, and Pickerel-Crane Lake.

A lake district has powers and governance provisions and is guided and operated by those who live in or own property in the district. The operation is directed by a board of commissioners composed of elected volunteers and local officials. Both resident and non-resident property owners have the right to vote and hold office in a lake district.

A lake district must follow Chapter 33 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The district does not compete with local governments, does not establish zoning or development laws. Its sole purpose is to protect the ecological integrity and environmental quality of the lake.

2015 Lake District Questions and Answers

What is a Lake Association?

Objectives of the North South Twin Lakes District
and Lakes Quality Management Plan

• Insure that the lakes' environmental issues are addressed fairly and democratically
• Provide a forum for all owners to be part of the solution
• Evaluate feasible aquatic plant management alternatives
• Manage AIS safely and effectively with methods currently available
• Protect, nurture, and improve fish and wildlife habitat
• Support all legal recreational uses of the lakes
• Preserve native aquatic plants
• Promote lake management education and raise awareness
• Communicate Plans to all owners
• Secure financial resources to support the Lake Management Plan
• Insure that Lake Quality Management costs are equitably shared by all lake property owners